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1 week ago
Red-tailed Hawk in the Wild Photo - Photography by Sylvestermouse

I captured this photo of a wild red-tailed hawk coming in for a landing beside a smooth lake, on a trail walk. Truly an amazing sight!

A beautiful Re-tailed Hawk photo taken by Sylvestermouse Cynthia. Photo was captured of the hawk landing on a very thin branch by a smooth lake.

1 month ago
Most Excellent Gifts for Women - House of Sylvestermouse

Here are some of my favorite gifts, given & received!

I am surrounded by wonderful women who deserve the most excellent gifts. I have compiled a list of favorite gifts for women for homemakers, career women, &

4 months ago
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4 months ago
Review This

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5 months ago
Coffee Gift Baskets & Sampler Boxes for the Coffee Lover on Your List - Koffee Kingdom

The gift of coffee is appreciated year round. not just for the holidays. A coffee gift basket or sampler pack is a great gift idea for coffee lovers anytime

7 months ago
Christmas Disposable Plates & Napkins -

Christmas parties are fun but clean-up is hardly exciting. We opt for disposable plates & napkins. Thankfully, there are several pretty patterns & styles to

7 months ago
Wood Handle Seam Ripper - An Elegant Sewing & Craft Accessory - Crafters Kingdom - Crafting With Sylvestermouse

A handmade wood handle seam ripper makes a fabulous gift for anyone who sews or enjoys needlework. Seam Rippers are a necessity. Necessity plus beauty equals

8 months ago
Leaf Hauler - Handy Helper for Fall Leaves - Easy Backyard Gardening

Raking leaves in the fall can be a back-breaking task. Raking, picking up the leaves & bagging them is a tiring job. The EZ Leaf Hauler helps tremendously!

8 months ago
Tis the Season to Crochet Book

For those of us who love to crochet, any season is the right season to crochet. However, "Tis the Season to Crochet" features holiday crochet patterns.

9 months ago
Feeding Birds in the Winter - Easy Backyard Gardening

Attract birds in fall & winter by offering fruit or suet cakes. Many bird species will stop for fruit that do not frequent feeders. Suet Cake Recipe included

10 months ago
Funny Coffee T-shirts for Coffee Lovers - Koffee Kingdom

Start Your Morning with Coffee & Humor Coffee lovers display your love and your sense of humor with funny coffee t-shirts. These are the kind of sayings and designs that get everyone who sees your ... See more

Coffee lovers display your love and your sense of humor with funny coffee t-shirts. These coffee tshirts also make great gifts for coffee lovers. Start your

11 months ago
Decaf Coffee in K-cups - Koffee Kingdom

There are definitely times when Decaf coffee is a necessity. Most of us can't drink caffeinated coffee after dinner and still sleep a few short hours later. However, we do love a delicious cup of ... See more

Community Coffee Cafe Special Decaf coffee is the only decaf coffee I have found that I can recommend to have a delicious cup of coffee.

11 months ago
Potholder Pro Looms: How to Make Large Potholders - Crafters Kingdom - Crafting With Sylvestermouse

For many of us, the first craft we ever created was a potholder made on a potholder loom. The small potholder loom kits for kids are really neat and the potholders make wonderful gifts for children ... See more

Potholder looms are no longer just for kids! I recently discovered the Potholder Pro Loom Kit for larger hands & larger potholders. I love it! Reviewed here

11 months ago
Heart Shaped Picture Frames - Be My Valentine World

Giving your sweetheart a picture of yourself or the two of you together is always a treasured gift. Giving one in a heart shaped frame is simply fabulous!

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