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I have been crafting all of my life and I have tried a lot of different types of crafts. Like every crafter, I have a few favorite crafts and craft projects. I enjoy giving my handmade crafts as gifts, but I also enjoy decorating my own home with my own handmade craft items.

My Dedicated Website to Crafting

Crafting with Sylvestermouse Website

I have written several step by step tutorials for various crafts and craft projects. You will also find a few resource articles below the tutorials & kits.

Step by Step Craft Tutorials written by Sylvestermouse


I have also Included Articles featuring Some of My Favorite Craft Kits


 How to Cross Stitch Tutorial Beginner Crochet from the House of Sylvestermouse Tutorial How to Make a Sailor’s Valentine Tutorial How to Make a Mosaic Picture With HobbyWare PixelHobby Art Kits Tutorial How to Make a Halloween Beaded Cross Stitch Pin Tutorial How to Make Your Own Beaded Ornaments Tutorial in the House of Sylvestermouse Wooden Decoupage Purse Tutorial How to Make a Mad Hatter’s Hat Tutorial Beaded Easter Eggs Tutorial How to Make a Christmas Sleigh Centerpiece Tutorial in the House of Sylvestermouse Make Felt Cupcake Pincushions Tutorial How to Make a Halloween Ghost with Fleece Tutorial Make Quick & Easy Glass Ornaments Tutorial How To Paint Your Own Garden Figurines and Decor Tutorial How to Make a Pom Pom Bee Tutorial Floral Beaded Cross Stitch Kits Easter Beaded Cross Stitch Kits Animals Beaded Cross Stitch Kits Valentine’s Day Beaded Cross Stitch Kits Christian Beaded Cross Stitch Kits Christmas Quilt Magic Kits Christmas Beaded Cross Stitch Kits Latch Hook Stocking Kits Cross Stitch Ornament Kits Thanksgiving Beaded Cross Stitch Kits Latch Hook Tree Skirt Kits Christmas Latch Hook Decor Kits Quilt Magic Kits Halloween Beaded Cross Stitch Kits Halloween Perler Bead Kits Felt Silverware Holder Pockets Kits Christmas Felt Kits Felt Stocking Kits Cross Stitch Christmas SIngle Ornament Kits Cross Stitch Tree Skirt Kits Cross Stitch Stocking Kits Felt Calendar Kits



Resource Articles written by Sylvestermouse


 Cross Stitch Christmas Books by Better Homes and Gardens Beaded Christmas Ornament Kits Victorian Paper Dolls Melting Hot Glue for Crafters – Hot Glue Pots Cross Stitch Hoops & Frames How to Use Waste Canvas for Cross Stitch Make Your Own Halloween Costumes with Snazaroo Zoo







Crafts in the House of Sylvestermouse



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I love sewing and all crafts. I also enjoy cooking and I frequently make my own unique masterpieces in the kitchen. As a contributor on multiple websites, I have published over 400 articles featuring recipes, crafts, travel advice, endangered animals, and even recommended family movies and musicals that you will not want to miss.

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  1. Susan says:

    I have followed many of your crafting tutorials and learned much from them. Even though I have been a crafter since I was a little child, I found some new and exciting things with your articles.

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