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The Kitchen is the Heart of Our Home!

The kitchen is the room in our home where I spend most of my time. I enjoy cooking, but that is not the only reason I spend my time in the kitchen.  A few years back, I moved my computer into the kitchen.  Now that my kitchen doubles as my office area, I really do spend most of the day there and I enjoy being surrounded by my pretty kitchen decor and select collectibles.

My Sites for the Kitchen

Heart of the Home KitchenKoffee Kingdom

My Kitchen Articles are on various sites across the web, so I have tried to compile an easy reference page for all of my kitchen articles here.


One of my favorite collectibles is my teapots.

I started collecting teapots long before I had a home of my own.  It was quite by accident really.  My first teapot was a gift, actually a memento given to me by a surviving spouse when his wife died.  He gave me the teapot so I would always remember my friend, and I do.  Every time I see the teapot, I remember the sweet elderly couple who befriended a young teenager.

My teapot collection has grown, as has my family and friends!



 Cast Iron Teapots Flowering Teapots Floral Teapots Stacked Teapots Romero Britto Teapots Alice in Wonderland Teapots Elephant Teapots Bunny Teapots Franz Porcelain Teapots Bird Teapots Dragon Teapots


Kitchen Organization

 Discovering the Ease of Recipe Card Organization Kitchen Organization Tips


Small Appliances For the Kitchen

Small appliances are actually no small thing! They make everything easier and often a lot faster. I need my morning coffee and I certainly rely on my coffee maker to make it just right. If I had to choose just one, I would have to say it is the most important small appliance in our home, but they others can run a very close second.

 The Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker The Best Donut Makers Make Cooking Donuts Easy Pancakes and Waffle Makers Heart Shaped Waffle Makers



Beautiful & Practical Kitchen Decor

 Animal Shaped Hardwood Cutting Boards Franz Porcelain Sugar Bowl & Creamers Trifle Bowls Franz Porcelain Cup & Saucer Sets Crystal Pie Plates & Pie Domes Franz Porcelain Salt & Pepper Shaker Sets Crystal Serving Bowls Crystal Serving Trays & Platters Glass & Crystal Footed Cake Plates



Holiday Decor For the Kitchen

 Christmas China Heart Shaped Serving Bowls & Dishes Easter Kitchen Decor Halloween Oven Mitts Halloween Towels Aprons for Halloween Christmas Kitchen Towels Heart Shaped Bakeware Aprons for Christmas



More for the Kitchen


There is always More for the Kitchen …….

Mugs, carafes, recipe cards and binders definitely have their place in what is truly the “heart of our home”. Since we all drink from our coffee mugs daily, they are a pretty important part. And, even though I know how to make most of my regular recipes, I still refer to my recipe cards for confirmation that I am not leaving something out. Having a binder to keep them organized is essential!

 Mugs by Sylvestermouse Make a Recipe Binder Organizer Coffee Carafes Recipe Cards on Zazzle Coffee Mugs for Fathers Coffee Mugs for Sweethearts Coffee Mugs for Mothers Halloween Coffee Mugs Christmas Coffee Mugs Thanksgiving Coffee Mugs



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