Pictorial Tour of the Memphis Botanic Gardens

Memphis Botanic Gardens in Spring

Memphis Botanic Gardens photoSuch beauty is beyond my imagination!  If I were to dream of the perfect garden, it would be the one I found at the Memphis Botanic Garden in Memphis, Tennessee.  Tucked away beside a lovely city park and believe it or not, behind a shopping mall, sits the most gorgeous setting in the world!

I had the pleasure of visiting the Memphis Botanic Garden in spring while searching for the perfect spot for my niece’s wedding.  Because my niece lives several hundred miles away, I agreed to visit the Botanical Gardens in Memphis and take pictures to send back to her.

Let me show you why, of all the beautiful gardens in the world, my niece chose to have her “once in a lifetime” wedding at the Memphis Botanic Gardens.  These are a few of the photos I sent to her of the Memphis Botanic Gardens in Spring.


The First Kiss of Spring

As we entered the Memphis Botanic Gardens, we were greeted with the first “kiss” of spring.
Everywhere we looked, there were gorgeous bulbs blooming.  A virtual sea of graceful beauty!

First Kiss of Spring - Tulips photo by Sylvestermouse


Winter Meets Spring

Venturing forth into the Memphis Botanic Gardens, I was stricken by the image of the mixture of seasons.

I call this photo Winter Meets Spring.  The early spring blooms are the Dogwood tree and the Cherry tree beautifully herald in the new season, as the others prolong their farewell to the winter.
Of course, the evergreen is always beautiful and happy in any season.

Winter Meets Spring photo by Sylvestermouse


Walk Through a Spring Paradise

Walking the trails through these beautiful gardens is an enchanting stroll in paradise!  The various pathways invite visitors to venture in areas that seem less traveled.  I suspect they are just well maintained though.

Stroll Through a Spring Paradise by Sylvestermouse


Picnic by the Lake

The Memphis Botanic Gardens is the perfect place for a “Picnic by the Lake.”  A very romantic spot for lunch and time alone.

Picnic by the Lake photo by Sylvestermouse


The Wedding Chapel

The Perfect Setting for a Springtime Wedding!  This wall-less chapel allows a couple to be married surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors, but still protected for spring showers or mid-day sun.  It really is gorgeous!

The Wedding Chapel photo by Sylvestermouse



Special Guest

The wildlife at the Memphis Botanic Gardens are just as lovely and inviting as the gardens themselves.
It is obvious these Canadian Geese are comfortable around people.  They would, no doubt, be very special guest at the wedding.

Canadian Geese at the Memphis Botanic Gardens


Garden of Peace and Tranquility

I named this photo “The Garden of Peace and Tranquility.”  Watching this graceful swan glide across the water, gives the illusion that all is right with the world and for a few splendid moments everything is at peace.  I have personally attended one wedding where the bride and groom chose to be married on the red bridge.  It was visually stunning with the bride in white and the groom dressed in black.  However, while it was beautiful, it was also a bit uncomfortable for guests.  They were married on a very hot day during the summer.

Garden of Peace and Tranquility by Sylvestermouse


Beneath the Surface at Memphis Botanic Gardens

As with many things in life, there was, and is, certainly more going on under the surface of the water.
We thoroughly enjoyed watching the antics of the turtles and the Koi.  These two seemed to be engaged in an unusual underwater dance.

Beneath the Surface photo of Turtle & Koi photo by Sylvestermouse


The Ducks ~ Still Feeling a Bit of the Winter Chill in the Air

We slipped up on the ducks and you can see for yourself, the duck in the center was not pleased by our intrusion.  Clearly, they were sleeping in and were not ready to be up and about for the day.

The Ducks by Sylvestermouse


Beauty in the Walkway

Even the man-made accents are beautiful additions in the Memphis Botanic Gardens.

Walkway in Memphis Botanical Garden photo by Sylvestermouse

Single Canadian Goose photo by SylvestermouseMemphis Botanic Gardens
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Farmers Market at Memphis Botanic Gardens
Between the months of April – October, Memphis Botanic Gardens hosts the Farmers Market where they offer a variety of the freshest local produce available in the Mid-South.


Beautiful Botanic Gardens

Memphis Botanic Gardens tulips
Tulips in the Spring


A Place to Rest in Memphis

A Place to Rest photo by Sylvestermouse
Moon Spotlight MemphisMoon Spotlight MemphisCheck Price

When you visit Memphis, Tennessee, I am sure one of your destinations will be to visit the fabulous Memphis Botanic Gardens. This guide-book will help you select more points of interest while you are there.

This article was originally published by me in 2011 on a different site that no longer exists.

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To My Guests Here Today

I hope you enjoyed your virtual walk through the Memphis Botanic Gardens. Now that I have had the opportunity to see the gardens in spring, I know I will make every effort to return each year for a walk in this paradise on earth. I would recommend it as an outing for anyone who has the opportunity to visit in Memphis, Tn. Actually, it is worthy of being the reason for your visit to Memphis!