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To see my photos that I have shared on Instagram, or to follow me on Instagram, click the link below. You do not have to have an Instagram account to view my photos here.

Sylvestermouse Cynthia on Instagram

One of My Favorite Social Media Sites is Pinterest, where I find many very interesting things, plus share my own work. You can follow me on Pinterest here.

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I have recently joined Parler & MeWe.  You can follow me on either or both:



Social Media (Facebook) Pages for sites affiliated with the House of Sylvestermouse.  Includes Gifts, Cooking, Holidays, Crafts, Personal Interest & Reviews!

Several of my websites have their own Facebook pages.  I invite you to join each of these Facebook pages and follow to see new posts as soon as they publish on your own Facebook home feed.  I hope you will join me there soon!

House of Sylvestermouse

Gift Menagerie

Cross Stitch in Time

Cooking for the Holidays

Christmas Time Treasures

Be My Valentine World

Halloween Haven

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