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Crafts: Tutorials, Kits, Patterns & More

I have been crafting all of my life and I have tried a lot of different types of crafts. Like every crafter, I have a few favorite crafts and craft projects. I enjoy giving my handmade crafts as gifts, but I also enjoy decorating my [...] Read More
All Home Decor, Including Dorm Rooms & Home Offices

Home Decor

I have always believed home decor should be a reflection of ourselves, what we love; what we do; what we want to see each day when we wake up! We [...] Read More
The Kitchen in the House of Sylvestermouse

Join Me in My Kitchen

The Kitchen is the Heart of Our Home! The kitchen is the room in our home where I spend most of my time. I enjoy cooking, but that is not the only reason I spend my time in [...] Read More
All Recipes – A Directory of All My Published Recipes

Recipes from My Kitchen

  I enjoy cooking, baking, decorating cakes and cupcakes, making homemade candy and making up my own recipes. I started cooking when I was very young. My mother taught me and my sister how to [...] Read More
The Versatility of Binders

Beautiful Binders

Over the years, I have come to appreciate the versatility of binders on Zazzle. Not only is there a huge assortment of binders offered on Zazzle, but I have created my own personal binders on [...] Read More