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Lion Mug by SylvestermouseMy Obsession with Coffee

Everyone who knows me personally, knows I don’t wake up until I have had my morning cup of coffee.

Each morning, I stumble from bed and make my way to the coffee pot in the kitchen where I mindlessly select a k-cup, pop it in the Keurig Coffee Maker and wait only a moment or two for that tantalizing smell to reach my senses.

That is followed ever so closely by the complete indulgence of liquid life.  Seriously, that is often exactly what it feels like.  Come to think of it, I may not even feel anything until the caffeine shouts at my nerve endings and shocks them into reaction.

I can’t say for sure when my affair with coffee actually started because I can’t remember anything before coffee.


Travel Coffee Mugs by Sylvestermouse

My top priority when we travel is not the city, state or fabulous sites we will see, it is IF the hotel has a coffee pot in the room, or at least a hot water dispenser for my instant coffee packets.  Upon arrival at our hotel room, I seek out the coffee pot and make sure it works.  I always run a few pots of clean water through any coffee maker before I actually make a cup for myself.  I feel quite sorry for the desk clerks in the hotel if I get to my room and find the coffee maker doesn’t work, or is missing.

Having my coffee is so important to me that I have even been known to pack my own travel coffee maker just to make sure I won’t have to suffer separation from my beloved java.

Now that you know the extent of my obsession, it will come as no surprise to you when I reveal that my second love is the coffee mug.  I have my own personal favorite coffee mugs in our home and I only share them with my favorite people.  If you come to my home and I serve you coffee from a free bank mug, you know I am not particularly fond of you.  You guys know the types of coffee mugs I’m talking about.  The ones the bank used to give you for opening a checking account with them.  It bears the bank name on it until it “dances” with the dishwasher a few times.

These are some of my favorite coffee mugs.  When you visit, if you are served coffee from one of these mugs, you know I think you are special too.



Each of the mugs shown above features photos that I personally captured at each of the respective travel destinations.   They represent some of the vacations that we have taken over the years.  Perhaps you have been to Florida, Rome or Scotland and would like a special coffee mug to commemorate your vacation.  These mugs are each available for purchase in my store on Zazzle.

I have also included the Fair Mug.  Would you believe my husband and I battle to see who will get that mug every time it is clean.  I delight in waking up before him and seizing the opportunity to grab the Fair mug.


Animal Coffee Mugs by Sylvestermouse

I love animals, therefore I enjoy photographing animals.  I also have a beloved collection of animal mugs.  I have made some of them available on Zazzle so others who share my love for wildlife can also own one, or more, of my animal mugs.




Flower & Nature Coffee Mugs by Sylvestermouse

Flowers are a daily gift from God.  They add a splash of beauty to our lives that cannot be easily ignored.  I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would want to ignore them.

Along with the flowers, come the fabulous insects that are extremely interesting and fascinating.  Have you ever really looked closely at a dragonfly?  He is truly a gorgeous creation.



Mugs by Sylvestermouse

As you can see, you don’t truly have to visit my home to get to drink your coffee from one of my mugs.  I consider all of my guests special enough to share your coffee with me in one of my favorite mugs.   I really wouldn’t make any of you drink from the free bank mug.


To See More Mugs by Sylvestermouse, simply visit The House of Sylvestermouse on Zazzle.



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