The Slippery, Soggy Search for Scottish Scarves

Souvenirs from Scotland

Scotland - Travel Destination - Photo by SylvestermouseWe really enjoy traveling.  Everywhere we go, we try to bring back a small, easy to pack memento of our trip.  If we make an exceptional find, we bring back gifts.

I would be the first to admit that I wonder why anyone would want a souvenir gift from a vacation they did not get to enjoy.  However, when we found 100% Pure New Wool Scarves in Scotland, we simply could not resist the temptation to buy a few for Christmas gifts.


How Our Scotland Trip Began

A couple of years ago, we joined a tour that included Scotland.  That was the first time we had ever traveled with a group.

While the planning was easier for me, sticking to a schedule someone else had made was a bit challenging.  We really like to be more flexible and allow our schedule or travel plans to change according to our personal interest once we arrive at our destination.

Scotland photo by Sylvestermouse


What Looked Like the Beginning to a Beautiful Day

Scotland - Edinburgh Castle photo by Cynthia Sylvestermouse
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We were headed to the Edinburgh Castle, which was up a long, steep hill, when I spotted this beautiful array of scarves in this quaint little shop.  The pristine shop looked like it had the potential to contain a treasure trove of wonderful finds.

Since I did not wish to carry a package around the castle, I decided I would stop on my way back “down the hill”.  We enjoyed the castle tours so much that we stayed until they closed.  The anticipation of returning to the cute, little store was great!


The Slippery, Soggy Search

Edinburgh Castle image
This image is available from the National Library of Scotland Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
Source: “Edinburgh Castle John Slezer” by John Slezer

Of course, it rained while we were visiting the castle and that hill had become a crowded, slick, steep mountain side.  As we were sliding our way down the hill, I kept thinking we would have to reach that little shop soon.  Then I could get out of the misting rain and leisurely shop for beautiful scarves and goodness knows what else I might find to purchase.  At this point, I was still joyously anticipating a wonderful shopping expedition.

When we reached the bottom of the hill, I questioned “where was that ugly, tiny store”.  The realization that it was “only in my dreams” occurred to me as we trudged, against the crowd, halfway back up the hill in search of this elusive shopping paradise.

By now, I was tired, frustrated and hungry.  We gave up the mission with the hope of “there’s always tomorrow”.  When we arrived back at the hotel, I was beyond exhaustion.  Then I looked at the trip itinerary.  This was the moment of the proverbial “last straw”.

Our group was scheduled to go to St. Andrews the next day.  What I had in my mind before I read the details, was another excursion like the Edinburgh Castle.  But no, that was not to be.  St. Andrews was an hour bus ride away and we would not be returning to Edinburgh or our current hotel.  The hysterics followed.

I really wanted those scarves!  I needed, no had to have, at least 4 scarves.  One for my mother, one for my daughter, one for my sister and one for my aunt.  The murderous thoughts relating to our travel guide were numerous.  I kept thinking of the beheading grounds in England and the dog cemetery at Edinburgh Castle.


Cemetery for Soldiers Dogs at Edinburgh Castle photo by Sylvestermouse

Scurrying Not Sleeping?

Scotland photo by SylvestermouseIt was a good thing my husband was on the trip to help calm the situation.  In retrospect, I realize he was only trying to escape the small trap of our hotel room, but he offered to run out and purchase the desired scarves at whatever store he would find open.  After all, he knew exactly what I wanted since I had previously chosen the colors through that dirty little window earlier that day.  Upon my approval of his idea, he ran out the door.

An hour later, after scouring the area around our hotel for an open store, he returned empty-handed with a new idea.  He would wake up early, if I didn’t kill him in the night, and renew the search.


Scottish Scarf Success!

Scottish scarf photo by SylvestermouseWhile I was showering the next morning, and still putting off more steam than the faucet, my husband departed to begin the search again.  By the time I had finished my makeup, he had returned with a sack of scarves in various colors for me to choose from and he planned to return the rest.

We kept them all!

After all, what if I realized I needed one for my mother-in-law too?  We certainly did not want a repeat of the previous day.

Thus, not only did we bring home the 4 needed gifts, we were able to give one to just about everyone in the family because, bless his heart, he bought 24 scarves, 4 in every color.



As a side note, I let the tour guide live!

And no, I won’t share my husband!


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