Beautiful Home Decor on Canvas

Decorating our home is always fun! Home is where we can surround ourselves with our favorite colors or with things that have significant meaning to us.

When we first move into a new home, we are basically given a blank canvas and we are allowed to paint, change or replace whatever our hearts desire. Over the years, I have played with a lot of colors and designs, and have actually found that I have a much wider range of preferences and tastes in decor than I ever would have thought years ago when I was limited to my bedroom in my parent’s home.

 Jesus on Resurrection Tapestry in the Vatican Stretched Canvas PrintsFor instance, in one room of my home, I have displayed a Christ’s ascension tapestry canvas.

That canvas speaks directly to my heart. I took that photo of the original tapestry hanging in the Vatican in Rome and I will never forget the depth of emotion I felt when I first laid eyes on that tapestry. I still feel that connection when I view the canvas and I enjoy watching the faces of guests when they first see it. There is always such a play of emotion on each face and I recognize that canvas has just created a stronger bond between me and the viewer.


 Trevi Fountain Canvas
In another room, I have displayed the Trevi Fountain, which never ceases to bring back memories of a wonderful vacation. There are many gorgeous sights in Rome, but the Trevi Fountain is magical and simply one of my favorites.

In my mind’s eye, I can still see my son tossing a coin over his shoulder into the fountain. This canvas was truly the perfect souvenir for our family.



 Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ Canvas Print


My husband happens to loves Van Gogh and my favorite color is blue, therefore we have a Starry Nights canvas hanging in our kitchen. We do recognize that the Starry Nights canvas is not exactly “traditional” kitchen decor, but it is our kitchen and we love having that canvas in the room we use most often.

It really is a lovely canvas and would be a beautiful picture for any room.

As you can see from my examples, we have a wide range of interests, especially with both of us making selections for our home decor. I honestly love the canvas’s on Zazzle. They are inexpensive by comparison and Zazzle offers thousands of choices, even if you are not a photographer or artist. After all, we can’t always guarantee a beautiful sunny day perfect for photos when we take a vacation. Nor could we have an original Van Gogh in our homes. But, we can have our own art on canvas that is cherished and admired just as much as any individual piece in a museum that will delight our soul with every glance.




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