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The Gift MenagerieGifts are a part of everyone’s life.  We all give and receive presents on a pretty regular basis.  There are tons of gift giving occasions, starting with our birthdays.  Every major milestone in our life is celebrated with gift giving, plus every holiday.  At Christmas, presents are even a big part of our decorations.

There are a variety of people in our lives that we exchange gifts with.  Men, women, children, spouses and loved ones, which include friends and co-workers.

Because they are such a big part of our lives, I have an entire site dedicated to gifts.


The Gift Menagerie Website

Gift Menagerie Site


Not only do I own The Gift Menagerie website, but I also publish gift articles on most of my sites.  Below you will find some of my own personal favorite gifts, but I love all of the gifts I feature on my sites.  

You will find articles written by me on a variety of gifts for anyone.  Some are gifts I have given to others, like the men or children in our family, for special occasions.  Others are gifts we have received and are easy for me to recommend.


Here are Just a Few of My Favorite Gifts!

 Christmas Gifts for the Cook
Featured on The Gift Menagerie
 Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket
Featured on The Gift Menagerie
 Beautiful Franz Porcelain Teapots
Featured on The Gift Menagerie
 Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts
Featured on The Gift Menagerie
 Easy Clutch Purses for Special Events
Featured on The Gift Menagerie
 Gifts I Use Everyday
Featured on The Gift Menagerie
 Three Magi Wise Men Table Topper Kit
Featured on Christmas Craft Collection
 Heart Shaped Soap Gifts
Featured on Be My Valentine World
 Heart Shaped Serving Bowls & Dishes
Featured on Be My Valentine World
 Flash Drive Necklaces
Featured on Be My Valentine World
 Crystal Candelabras & Candle Holders
Featured on Beautiful Home & Garden Decor
 Lighted Fiber Optic Angel Tree Toppers
Featured on Christmas Time Treasures
 Fabulous Character Oven Mitts
Featured on Heart of the Home Kitchen
 Black Diamond Earrings
On Victoria Fredericks Jewelry Box





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