Organization Tips for the Kitchen

Not only is Organization the key to being successful in almost all endeavors, but being well organized can be a huge time saver, which is why I am sharing my easiest organization tips for the kitchen today! I absolutely love working in a well organized kitchen. When I can easily find supplies, utensils and ingredients, cooking and creating fun food in the kitchen, truly is a joy instead of a job.

Tips for Utensil Organization in my Kitchen

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The silverware organizer in my kitchen drawer is one of my favorite organizers in the kitchen. Not only does it make a neater presentation, but it makes finding the utensil I need quick and easy.

I will be honest, few things bother me more than someone else unloading my dishwasher. While I very much appreciate the help and definitely try to focus on their desire to help, I do hate it when days later I find a steak knife in the same slot as the kitchen butter knives.

I do have a separate steak knife block to hold my steak knives. This has actually been a wonderful addition to my kitchen! I used to worry about cutting my fingers on the steak knives stored in a drawer.

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Prior to purchasing the knife block, it seemed like we always had a rogue steak knife larking in the darkest regions of the drawers just waiting to be discovered by innocent hands searching blindly in the back recesses. Now, with the blades neatly inserted in the slots in the wooden block, there is no risk of accidentally grabbing the blade instead of the handle of the knife, and the knives are no longer stored in the kitchen drawers.

I personally keep my knives and knife block stored in one of my kitchen cabinets, which I can easily access, but the set is certainly attractive enough that it could be displayed on the kitchen counter.

Turntables in my Kitchen Cabinets

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Because I have tons of spices, baking decorations, and supplies, I have several turntables in my kitchen pantry. These turntables are great for being able to see and grab what supplies I have on hand with the flip of my wrist.

I actually have several of these turntables in my pantry since I have all of my spices on one shelf and all of by baking supplies on a separate shelf.

These turntables are seated on ball bearings so they turn easily. They are also easy to clean with just a damp cloth or Windex Wipes.


Additional Organizers I Use in My Kitchen

There are actually several other organizers that I use in my kitchen that I absolutely love and would highly recommend.

In several of my under the counter cabinets, I use the double shelf featured below on the left. The little stoppers on the feet of the shelves help prevent the unit from moving and the heavy gauge steel has never bent under anything I have set on top of them.

In addition to the turntables and shelves, I use under the shelf wrap racks to hold my boxes of aluminum foil, Reynolds Wrap, wax paper, sandwich bags, and freezer bags.

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Perhaps, my personal favorite is my Single Basket Organizer, shown on the right above. It adds a shelf and a basket! I really, really love that pull out basket. I only wish I had more cabinet space to accommodate more of these organizers.

Each of these shelves do exactly what their names imply, they add shelves to my cabinets and pantry, add the ability to organize and easily find items that might otherwise be lost in a veritable sea of cans and bottles.


I think I organize just about everything in my life from my kitchen drawers to my Craft Room to our family vacations. Perhaps you could join me soon in some of the other rooms in the House of Sylvestermouse where we can explore additional organization ideas together.


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  1. Susan says:

    I love being organized especially in the kitchen, everything is just going to go more smoothly. Nice choices here.

  2. Susan says:

    OK, I have to admit that my grown daughters visit and unload my dishwasher, I have wonderful memories of their visits when I discover something out of place, even months later! But, I am a fanatic organizer myself. Everything has a place and everything goes in it’s place. I do love that pull out drawer, too! I have to get several of those for under my bathroom sinks – how idea.

  3. Sam Monaco says:

    I do agree, always appreciate the help, but then when I need my slotted spoon and it’s not where it should be is frustrating. I love the under the shelf wrap storage. Great selection here.

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