Proud Grandmother of 3 Grand-Kitties

Let Me Show You My Grand Kitties

GrandkittiesWhile other grandmothers have a wallet full of photos of their grandchildren, I have a wallet full of pictures of my grandkitties.

Hard to believe, but these cats have definitely made their own places in my heart.  I even purchase gifts for them for Christmas and we have birthday parties with gifts for each one.

I am the proud grandmother of 3 beautiful babies!




Don’t You Think They Are Beautiful?





Lemmiwinks Baby Photo

This precious baby was a gift.  He is decidedly the master of my daughter’s house!

He is the official greeter to all who enter and he never meets a stranger.  He is very soft, very friendly and loves to snuggle.

I enjoy going to my daughter’s home where I can play with my grandkitties, get them all riled up and then leave.  I don’t have to worry about discipline, vet bills or moody behavior.  It is so nice to be the grandmother!

Lemmi’s Favorite Gift

If it has a feather, he will love it!

Gratefully, my daughter does not allow my grandkitties to play with mouse toys.  After all, she is the daughter of Sylvestermouse!

Lemmi’s favorite gift has to be anything with a feather.




Baby Gobbles ~ Her First Week with Us

My beautiful princess!  She is aloof, very particular about who she befriends and extremely private.

Her introduction to our family was a traumatic experience for her.  My mother, my sister, my daughter and I were driving down a very busy street when I spotted what I thought was a squirrel in the road.  I slammed on the brakes, threw open my door and tried to chase it from the street.  My sister and my daughter jumped out of the car to help.  Amid car brakes screeching, horns blowing and unkind gestures, we managed to make it to the sidewalk.  My mother, still in the car, was screaming “there’s another one, get it.”  I jumped in front of a monster truck, grabbed the kitty and ran.

Thus, Gobbles became a new family member.

Sadly her brother, the squirrel imposter, hid in some near by bushes and after hours of searching (we called out the whole family team for this party) we could not find him but we thank him for leading us to her.


Gobble’s Favorite Gift

My sweetheart baby Gobbles hides all of her toys.  Someday we may find her hoard.  She prefers the catnip toy fish.



Well if one is good, three must be great!


Snowball’s Baby Picture

Another orphan my daughter adopted and brought home to love.  This precious kitty was abandoned in a co-workers yard.  But, fear not, my daughter who can not stand to see a homeless animal, has taken her in, paid her vet bills and treats her like a goddess.  Snowball loves to sit in the window and watch the birds.  Like all babies, she is very vocal about what makes her happy or unhappy.  A moment without attention makes her very unhappy.


Snowball’s Favorite Gift

Snowball is extremely active and likes to play chase.  Balls are her favorite gifts.  She spends hours swatting and chasing her toy balls.


Did I mention I have never liked cats or that I have always been allergic to them?   No! Well, that was then & this is NOW

Grand-kitties of Sylvestermouse

Meditation Grand Kitty Style



A Kitten Has Needs To!

Having grown up with dogs for pets and only having dogs in my own homes, I was completely unaware of how many things a little kitty needs. I have since learned about a few of their immediate needs.

The trips to the vet may only be once a year, but when it is time to go, a carrier is required.

We like this one because it has lots of vents on the sides for air flow and allows them to stay cooler when traveling.  We also like the snaps on the sides of the carrier which allow the top to be completely removed in order to lift the shy kitten out instead of having to drag her through the open door.

 Petmate Two Door Top Load 24-Inch Pet Kennel, Metallic Pearl Ash Blue and Coffee Ground BottomCheck Price


 Van Ness CP7 Enclosed Cat Pan/Litter Box, Extra Large, colors are assortedCheck Price

For Those Really Private Moments

My daughter has tried several different can pans, including the infamous and expensive Litter Robot which threw cat litter across the room.  In the end, this litter box is her favorite.

The enclosed cat pan affords privacy for Gobbles, reduces the odor throughout my daughter’s apartment and the top snaps off for cleaning.

If you could see me now, you would know I am giggling.  My daughter instructed me to be sure and tell you to use a metal scoop.  She says they make a world of difference.


The Gift I would Like to Give My Grandkitties

Kitty Mansions ‘Beverly Hills’ Cat Tree is a huge estate that stands just over 6 feet.  It features 9 platforms, an extra large master bedroom, stairs that lead to another bedroom, 3 watch towers, and scratchings posts everywhere!  Both bedrooms have 2 entrances and the master bedroom even has a window.  This is a large living area perfect for two or more cats who enjoy the finer things in life!

 Kitty Mansions Beverly Hills Cat Tree, Brown/BeigeCheck Price



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  1. You know I love cats and kittens, so can perfectly understand how special your ‘grand-kittes’ are to you. Your three are adorable and I loved their stories. I don’t have a cat these days, but my brother, who lives nearby, has 3 and I am Auntie Pat to them and to their sister, the Boston Terrier. 🙂 I DO get cat visitors now and then. My aunt & uncle came for a visit last week while traveling from Florida to New York and had their beautiful Sealpoint Siamese, Misty, with them. Misty made herself right to home overnight while her ‘folks’ visited with me. 🙂

  2. Indigo says:

    Yes, they are beauties and how they have grown since their kitten days! Love the picture of them looking like 3 tea cozies on the rug! It’s clear your daughter has given them a wonderful home and I bet she gets a lot of purrs and snuggles in return.

  3. Barbara says:

    Your grandkitties are perfect! They really do look like Queens of the castle – And your collage photo was well worth the work and time you put into it! Love the tree climbing thing on the door with one of your babies sitting at the top! hahaha…looking down at his Kingdom…giving orders of course I’m sure! Oh yes, I love cats too! Oh, and the photo of the three of them sitting on the rug with their paws tucked under is precious!!! When we had our little dog (we had to put her down this year), we had an expression for the way they sit with two paws, or one paw or no paws tucked in: we would say ‘she’s a two-pawed tucker’ or ‘she’s a one-pawed tucker’ or ‘she’s a no-pawed tucker’ – your grand kitties are ‘two-pawed tuckers’ in that photo!

  4. Sam Monaco says:

    Words of a true grandparent, spoil them, play with them, get them all riled up and then leave. I love love it! Looks like you have a beautiful family.

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