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Sylvestermouse SitesMy years of working online have flown by!  It is hard to believe that so much has happened and so many changes have taken place in the past few years.

As a result of those changes, the House of Sylvestermouse Network of Sites has grown tremendously.  Niches and specific interests now have their own individual sites so you can easily find related articles.

Of course, you are always welcome and I look forward to your visit!

Websites for the Home

I believe in making a house your own personal home by decorating with the colors you prefer.  As the years pass in the same house and needs change, I believe in recreating your home to suit your current needs.   Heart of the Home Kitchen and Beautiful Home and Garden Decor are both websites dedicated to embracing the things you love and making any house your home.

I also believe in selecting the flowers and plants for your own garden and backyard based on what you love, not based on what someone else has done before you.   Easy Backyard Gardening is a website that offers suggestions for easy maintenance plants and flowers, as well as tips to make gardening itself easier so you can spend more time enjoying your own backyard.

Beautiful Home and Garden Decor

Heart of the Home Kitchen

Easy Backyard Gardening

Cooking & Food Websites

I have always enjoyed cooking!  Perhaps, it is mostly because I love the people in my life who cook and I want to be like them.  Or, perhaps, I simply love working beside them and cooking is something we all have in common.  From my grandmother, to my mother, to my sister, to my husband, to my daughter and son, we all have our own “talent” and recipes that are exclusively “us”, but the one thing we all share is the kitchen.

Cooking for the Holidays is a website where I share my own recipes, as well as my cake and cupcake tutorials.  While we often create our best for the holidays, these recipes and tutorials can be used year round.  Because I can’t seem to work, or really even get started for the day without coffee, Koffee Kingdom was created as a haven for coffee lovers like me.  I even share a few special coffee recipes there.

I started Fun Food Guide years ago as a place to share and promote unique food ideas and recipes from my friends, as well as a few really awesome ideas that I happen to come across in my everyday online work.

Cooking for the Holidays

Fun Food Guide

Koffee Kingdom

Holiday Sites

Because holidays are family days, they are my favorite times of the year.   Every holiday is fun and special!  They each deserve their own dedicated website.

Christmas and Easter are important to me because of their religious significance.  They aren’t holidays we celebrate simply because of tradition, although there are truly tons of traditions in our family.  Christmas Time Treasures and Eggciting Easter explore and feature a variety of wonderful holiday decorations, ideas, apparel and much more related to the specific holiday.

Everybody loves Valentines Day and Halloween too!  They give us all a reason to have fun, share our love, wear fun costumes and decorate our homes.  Be My Valentine World and Halloween Haven  are holiday sites you will definitely want to explore.

Christmas Time Treasures

Be My Valentine World

Eggciting Easter

Halloween Haven

Toys & Gift Websites

These sites all have one thing in common.  They all feature fabulous gifts!

The Gift Menagerie offers gift suggestions for men, women, children and even pets.  There is truly something there for everyone.

If you are searching specifically for a lovely piece of jewelry, than you will want to visit Victoria Fredericks Jewelry Box to make your gift selections.

But if toys are what you seek, then by all means head on over to Toy Time Treasures and Toy Treasures.  While they both feature toys for play, Toy Treasures focuses more on toys that will last a lifetime and are considered collectibles.

Toy Time Treasures

Gift Menagerie

Toy Treasures

Victoria Fredericks Jewelry Box

Crafts and Crafting Sites

Crafts of any kind seem to just call my name!  I have a dedicated craft room in our home which is a private treasure trove of kits, fabrics, craft supplies and tools.  Crafting with Sylvestermouse is my primary site for crafts where I feature multiple craft tutorials and recommendations.  I have even included articles on creating your own craft room by converting a bedroom into a craft room / bedroom combination.

Christmas Craft Collection and Cross Stitch in Time are very specialized sites dedicated to exactly what their names imply.  Both are Christmas craft sites.  One is all about craft kits that make crafting a lot easier and the other is even more niche because it is specifically about cross stitch.

Crafting with Sylvestermouse

Christmas Craft CollectionChristmas Craft Collection

Cross Stitch in Time

Animals & Photography Sites

Another hobby of mine happens to be photography and it is a great hobby to have when you want to create your own websites!  Every site needs photos.  Fortunately for me, I enjoy taking pictures almost as much as I enjoy crafting.  Actually, in the ebbs and flow of life I have found that I tend to prefer each one at different times more than the other.  A good bit of my photography is now published on Photography by Sylvestermouse and I would love for you to drop by and take a look at my cherished photos.

One thing that never changes is that I love animals.  I find them all fascinating, unique and beautiful in their own way.  On the front page of this site, you will see my personal quote that pretty much sums it up.  “Strives to see the beauty in every creation even though sometimes the beauty is hidden at first glance!”  {quote by Sylvestermouse}

Not only do I photography them, I enjoy learning about the animals.   On Amazing Wild Animals, I share some pretty cool facts about some really amazing wild animals.

Photography by Sylvestermouse
Photography Sylvestermouse

Amazing Wild Animals
Amazing Wild Animals ~
Facts and photos of Truly Amazing Wild Animals!

A Network of Reviews and Contributors

I am not alone on Review This, but it is truly one of my favorite sites.  The contributors on Review This! are all friends.  We met on a community site that is no longer in business, but we enjoyed working together and we respect each others opinions.  Since we have worked together for years, sharing this site has been easy and has made working online a happier and friendlier place.

For our readers, we share reviews on a vast number of products, movies, books, music and more.  Between all of us, we can cover a world of interests, experiences and entertainment genres.

Review This Reviews

Sylvestermouse Stores

All of this started with eBay! I started selling on eBay over 15 years ago. I love eBay! Even though that site has also been through many changes over the years, I still believe it is the best place to buy and sell online.

Once I started writing online, I also opened a Zazzle store to offer my photos on a variety of cards, posters, binders, canvas art, and lots of other products.

As I said earlier, you are always welcome!