Angel Blessed

Angel Photo by SylvestermouseHave You Been Blessed by an Angel?

When I have been blessed, I want to tell the whole world!  When that angel blessing is accompanied by an inspirational message, I want to shout it from a mountaintop!

All of my life I have known I had someone watching over me, protecting me at times, comforting me at other times, but the Heavenly companions have always been right there with me.

Many times I have felt their embrace and presence.  I am always grateful for their gifts.

I took the featured photo of a painting on the ceiling at the Vatican in Rome.  I absolutely love this image!  Because I loved the photo so much and the meaning I found behind the painting, I have made the photo available to others on Zazzle.  It is currently on a few products, but if you would like to have the image made available on a different Zazzle product, simply let me know and I will create that product for you.  I can also delete or change the text if you so desire.


Daily Reminder

A Mousepad for the Work Area

I am not sure which medium I prefer for this photo, but I do love the larger image on the mousepad.  It also makes a excellent daily reminder of all of the gifts that I have in my life and reminds me to be grateful for those daily blessings.



Regardless of which item I choose, they all carry the same meaning.

I have been “Angel Blessed” and that is most excellent!



Angel Blessed Mug

I Personally own this mug.  It is a daily reminder of the gifts I have been given.

I drank coffee all morning long.  At lunchtime, I rinse my mug and fill it with cool tea.  My coffee mugs accompany me all day and this is definitely on of my favorites.  Anytime it is clean, I grab it for the day.



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