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Toy GiftsRegardless of age, we all love toys! Some toys are made just for children, but others are appropriate for a variety of ages. Collectors love toys like Barbies, Matchbox Cars, Legos, and more.

Over the years, I have reviewed a lot of toys on several different websites. Some I gave as gifts, others are collectibles that I, myself, collect. Of course, I enjoy giving collectible toys to other collectors too. I personally collect Barbies and Madame Alexander Dolls. Both collections were started during my own childhood. I loved my dolls so much that I have kept them, and added to my collection when I see a new doll that I love.

My husband enjoys his remote controlled vehicles. I’ve gotten rather accustomed to hearing the engine whir of his RC flying vehicles (planes & helicopters), as well as his ground vehicles. He has an awesome tank that fires little bombs. It is pretty cool to watch them shot off from the tank and hit their target. We have a utility box in our yard that is frequently the target. They are not powerful enough to damage the metal box, therefore it is the perfect object to point at and shot.


Toys Reviewed

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