I am fascinated by animals and animal behavior.

There is beauty in any animal if you look carefully enough. Sometimes it is in the grace of their walk, the speed of their run or simply the obvious beauty of their fur, but there is beauty in every living creature.

I have written several articles on animals and I welcome you to investigate and observe each animal for yourself.

These are just a few of my favorites. There will be more articles and photos to come, so be sure to return to discover the latest addition.


Amazing Animals

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As you can well imagine, the zoo is my favorite place to spend a day or two.

I have visited zoos throughout the US and definitely have a personal favorite. I selected the Memphis Zoo as the Best Zoo in America because of the gorgeous animal habitats.

It is obvious as soon as you enter the Memphis Zoo and see Cat County, that a tremendous amount of time, thought and money has been invested in providing a home for the animals.

This is not a zoo full of cages, chains and bars. Quite the contrary! It is full of open spaces, vast housing and clearly very content and happy animals.

So far, I have written two articles on the Memphis Zoo. I hope to return in the near future and you can expect to see additional focused articles.


A Close-Up Look at My Favorite Zoo

 The Memphis Zoo Teton Trek at the Memphis Zoo


Our FurBabies and Grandkitties

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