Halloween in the House of Sylvestermouse

Halloween in the House of Sylvestermouse is all about having fun! We love fun costumes, indoor decor, outdoor decorations, parties and definitely Halloween party food. We even love the games and collectibles.

For many years, we hosted parties each year. On the years that we are not throwing a party, we get to hang around the front door waiting for the children in costumes who are out trick or treating. It is always a pleasure to watch the children in our neighborhood safely enjoying themselves.

We have a special dinner for Halloween. My husband enjoys making a homemade pizza and decorating it with eerie creatures. You can see one of his pizzas and the instructions for creating your own, by clicking here. Just skip down to the heading “Halloween Dinner” in that article if you just want to see the directions for the pizza.

I have personally made many costumes over the years and our entire family enjoys dressing up for Halloween. My son & I frequently create unique, and of course, awesome Halloween cakes. I have published step by step instructions for several of our cakes. Here are just a few of our specialty cakes.

 Halloween Ghost Train Cake How to Make a Chocolate Halloween Ghost Castle Cake How to Decorate a Snake Cake


As you would expect, I do have a website dedicated to Halloween!
By all means, come by and visit me at Halloween Haven.

Halloween Haven

“Halloween Haven is a safe place to explore all things Halloween including costumes, Halloween party food, Halloween decorations & trick or treat safety tips.”

Halloween and Me

I started this website years ago. It was one of my first sites to start building simply because I enjoy everything about Halloween so very much. I don’t embrace evil or true horror, but I definitely enjoy the pretense, the fantasy, and the holiday, including Haunted Houses. Of course, they scare the wits right out of me!

 Halloween Pocket Size Candy Tins Filled with Jelly Beans



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