Discovering the Ease of Recipe Card Organization

Have you seen the fabulous recipe cards on Zazzle? I love the professionally printed recipes with the photo of the prepared food on the front of the card. Oh, and don’t miss out on the beautiful recipe binders on Zazzle too! It was a hard choice, but I recently selected a recipe binder. I ordered photo sheets from and recipe cards on Zazzle. Wow! Even I was amazed at want a great cookbook I had put together in just a few minutes.

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 Easy Banana Pudding Recipe Postcard Blackberry Cobbler Recipe Card Lemon Cookie Recipe Postcard


I used tabs to separate the appetizers, main courses, sides and desserts. Of course, when you make your own cookbook binder, you can make as many tabs as you desire. For instance, I will probably add a “drink mixes” tab later for all of the awesome specialty drink recipes.

One really neat advantage to making this type of cookbook, I can move the recipes around in the binder. If I want a sheet for a complete meal all in one place, I simply take a photo sheet, insert the recipe cards for the meal I wish to prepare and viola’, I have all of the recipes for that meal in a protective cover right in front of me!

Green Marble Recipes Binder

My new recipe card organizer – available for purchase in my Zazzle store


I foresee this as being an absolute lifesaver on Thanksgiving. I have always hated searching my file box for recipes filed alphabetically. It never fails that I forget something important to someone. Then as we sit down to dinner, the question “where are the …..?” makes me cringe and wonder “how could I forget?” Therefore, I shall make a Thanksgiving Meal section, complete with recipes in the photo sheets, and I will never have to answer that question again!

I also discovered these awesome category binders! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to separate the different courses or types of recipes into personalized cookbooks? Imagine, your own personal “Desserts” cookbook or your favorite Christmas recipes all in one place. It is all just too exciting! The options and ideas are limitless and since the recipes are professionally printed on the recipe cards on Zazzle, I can order 3 or 4 of the same recipe cards and save myself the aching hands that always follow hand writing several recipes. And, oh yes, no mistakes! I absolutely love it!

And it really is too simple! I wonder why I haven’t thought of this before!

 Beautiful Christmas Recipe Binder Healthy Heart man cardiology awareness symbol Binder Just Desserts! Binder featuring Peach Cobbler


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  1. Susan says:

    As the Queen of Organizing, you have given me a new thing to get organized in my world. I, too, have an idiot box of recipes, all filed neatly away in alpha order. And I can rarely find what I really want! This is the perfect solution. Off to order my binder and cards.

  2. I love the idea of putting together all your favorite recipes in a meal-planner style in a binder. Years ago I typed up a list of ‘menus’ that are favorites with my family (for holidays and for regular days), but now I can see that having the recipes themselves (with photos) printed out on cards and arranged together on a single protective sheet would be perfect – convenient and ready-to-go for your shopping list/cooking. Also, putting together those requested family recipes (and menus) for grown ‘kids’ doing their own cooking in their own homes these days would be a snap! Thanks for helping me get my recipes organized!

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